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Simona and Gosia Black arrow.

We hav met a nice english / polish couple who already sailed arund the world in their steel boat. They are both verry friendly and we have dinner or lunsj at each other all the time.. And of course some caperina in the evenig.. They have showed us the river and the jungle.. They are leaving for Caribien and we stay futher on in Brazil..… Fortsett

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Jungle sailing in Cacoeira river

Jageren togheter with Black arrow with Skipper Simon and wife Gosia had 3 werry exiting days and med a verry nice family there i was 9 children in a small house. They living of fishing and hunting.. A verry special waterfall comming out from a hole in a cave was not often to see. And then for us to notice the bigg different from the festa in Salvdor and go straght to the dark jungle was faciniting..…


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Festa Sao Cosme e Damiao

Sometime unexpected thing happend. We (soren, Torvald from SY Anne Mari and Gjermund) Was invited to catolic celebration ow the twins Sao cosme and Damio.. It was on topp floor in a nice aerea called Vitoria in Salvador.. Penthouse apartment with lot of food and good drinks.. We had a realy good time with more than hundred pepole ther..

Thank you for iviting us.. Mouito obrigado amigos / amigas.…


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Sailing in shalow river

Sailing upp the river from Salvador to Cacoeira is quit Challenging. And witout a centerboard wich is lifted up almost impossible.. Jagerens draft with centerboard up is about 1m 10 cm.. The fishing boat are still running witout a engine and they are quit friendly.. A verry fully marked with verry low prices of fruit and vegetable is in the end of the river.. We saild over one fish net.. And gave the fishermen some money and a cace.. They seemd happy..
All the bes.. Søren and Gjermund

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Crossing the mountain Champada de Diamantina

Sailing is just 1/4 of the time. 3/4 is to enjoy different happenings on shore.

Søren and I went to the Nationalpark of Bahia to go hiking for 5 days. We went with a group of 6 Brazilian and 2 guides.. You get brakfeast and dinner in small mountain farms.. And even a clean nice bed... The guides carring the lunch, they hav lot of ecperience and we had a verry nice walk. Quit hard in the warm conditions so we had good sleeping in the cold nights in 1000 over sea level. Spectacular…


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Why do they sail in to hands of pirates?

Last week we saw seven Danish sailors pay 2 million Euros in ransom to Somali pirates. A few days later a French skipper was shoot dead in front of his wife as pirates took her hostage. She was unusually lucky as she was rescued by a warship soon afterwards. Sailors are big business for pirates, so why do they keep sailing straight in to their self made prisons?

Read more in TheSailBlog:

Sailing in to the hands of…


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Up the riiver to Caceira Bahia Brazil

Søren and gjermund is now arrived Cacoeira wich is a small shallow river 30 nm up.. Our friends from Black arrow was waiting.. Søren was quit prowd to be stearing upp without any problem.. Almost... We went into a lokal fish nett and thy came out with hteir cano but the nett was destroyed by our centerboard. they get 30 real and some buicuits, and seems verry happy all in all

. Simon and Gosia is helping us a lott and have a lot of experience wich they gladly give away.. Søren is…


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Making Jageren Prepared for siling in Brazil

Hi..After two weeks in Salvador things look to get more in order.. We hav had a good lady to wash the wole Jageren.. Søren is good working man and do all kind of work with a smile... The centerboard has got new slides to be more stabil.. And best of all we fount… Fortsett

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