We are now in Salvador Brazil on 12 degrees south after 21 days of
pleasant crossing from cape verde.

As on old sailing ship crossing equator line Neptune came onboard to
baptist the crew, thankfully she didn't use tar and feather as in old
days so it was pretty easy to clean off the barber foam, then they was
eligible to have a anchor tattoo with name of their loved ones. Some
had problem remember their boyfriends name for a second it seems :)
Rest of journey from 0 degree to 12 degrees south was with a couple of
days of calm weather until we hit the easterly wind on the south side
and then straight for Salvador.

Salvador was discovered in 1501 and soon became the main trade route
for Portugal and a slave trade port. I'm curious the route they sailed
empty back to Africa to get more slaves. Going straight east is hard
so they might go south to catch the westerly wind down there. Portugal
had some 30.000 voyages shipping more than 4.5 million slaves between
Africa and Brazil.

Anyway our plan is going south into colder climate again. Hopefully
all way down the south American continent before we have to decide if
we want to explore African side or west side of south America (if wind
and weather permits) .

If you want to join please send us an email.

Sailing The Farm
A Seagypsy Tribe of Tomorrow

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